"I have practiced yoga with many teachers and Megan is definitely my favorite, so much so that I follow her around rather than sticking with one studio. I have practiced ashtanga (both guided and mysore) and vinyasa with her and she is excellent at them all. She has the perfect balance between providing guidance and space, between challenge and reassurance. She always has a smile on her face and a calmness about her. She is so knowledgeable and experienced (I love watching her demonstrate postures and she always comes up with the best adjustments), but is, at the same time, incredibly approachable. I feel really lucky to have crossed paths with her."—Lucia S.

"If you are seriously wanting to start and/or cultivate a balanced and honest yoga practice that is uniquely fit for you, I cannot recommend highly enough taking private lessons with Megan.  I had fallen out of my practice for about a decade and wanted to start again.  I told her I wanted a practice short enough that I’d actually do, but long enough that I’d experience the benefits of yoga.  She developed a perfect, very sensible, easy to follow video that I was able to use and grow into.  I am now well beyond that video, but am still growing in my now daily practice that I love.  What’s most important is that it is just the right practice for me—where I was, and where I am now in life.  She has also helped me understand just what yoga is in its meaning, its purpose, and how to bring it into my daily living.  They are rich and meaningful lessons that you just can’t find in group settings."—Michael G.

"If you want an excellent yoga teacher who doesn't care about your bullshit, I recommend Megan."—Will P.

"My first experiences with Megan as a teacher were in group, public classes, initially vinyasa style and then ashtanga. I always appreciated her straightforward, no nonsense style and attention to detail.  A year ago I had a car accident with subsequent low back pain. After not practicing for 3 months, my husband purchased some private lessons for me with Megan to help me get back into yoga practice. This is where I truly appreciated Megan's gifts. I was impressed with her knowledge of the human body and ability to use that knowledge to formulate a plan for my practice while I was healing. She was always well prepared and helped me to gradually work my way back into regular practice. She always knew just how to modify the poses for how my back was feeling at the time. In addition, she is honest, kind and compassionate and just plain fun to work with. I highly recommend taking class or privates with Megan and give her 5 stars!!"—Dottie W.

"Megan has been one of my cherished Ashtanga teachers since I first began my yoga practice 2 years ago.   I have practiced under Megan’s guidance in led classes, semi-private instruction and in workshops.  She is a wealth of knowledge both in asana and yogic philosophy, providing balance for me to absorb both the physical and spiritual aspects of this beautiful practice.  She has provided countless adjustments, explanations and modifications during my ever-evolving practice, and is always willing to listen and help.  As a beginner, I remember showing up to practice one morning and being the only student there.  Even though Megan had already practiced that day, she practiced again beside me, guiding me through each posture.  In short, she’s awesome!"—Lily M.