What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a highly structured vinyasa yoga system in which the student progresses through the Ashtanga sequence one asana (posture or pose) at a time.  As the student gains proficiency in the given sequence, more postures may be added.  If appropriate, the student may ultimately progress through as many as 6 different, increasingly more challenging asana series. However, it is interesting to note that most students find the first and second series are more than enough to keep one busy for a lifetime.

The traditional method by which Ashtanga Yoga is learned is called the Mysore method, named after its city of origin in Southern India.  According to the Mysore method, each student is given the appropriate practice—no more, no less—for their individual ability and aptitude.  This principle of individual appropriateness is the source of Ashtanga Yoga's therapeutic power and the foundation on which I base all of my instruction.  

Traditional led classes are delivered with the Sanksrit count and, unless otherwise noted, are not appropriate for beginners. Mysore classes are appropriate for all levels. New students will be taught the primary sequence. Under no circumstances will guidance in my class be forced or forceful.  I am committed to transmit the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga within a culture of consent; as such, it is of utmost importance that we uphold an atmosphere of safety, trust, and mutual respect in our relationships with one another.